Balanced Epiphany: Harnessing the Inner You Journal $30.00
With this journal you can discover how your chakras are aligning in your life.
Balanced Epiphany: Crystal Healing Book $45.00
Learn about the ancient art of using crystals in everyday life and with others. This book teaches you about the history of using crystals across cultures, crystal formations, and how to use crystals in the balance of life.
Balanced Epiphany: Personal Transformation Pathway Book $100.00
This book is used in conjunction with my personal transformation pathway. It will take you on a journey of getting to know yourself through the use of archetypes, chakras, and various other practices. Purchase of the book includes purchase of personalized assistance from me on your journey to self love.
Waist Beads $20.00
Embrace the ancient tradition of waist beads. Waist beads are made individually based on your needs.
Balanced Epiphany: Mindfulness Journal $30.00
Mindfulness is a wonderful way of life. This book is a perfect way to incorporate mindfulness into your day.
Balanced Epiphany: One Moon Cycle Book $30.00
Learn to work with the power of the moon to fulfill your dreams. This book takes you through the phases of the moon and how to work with the power of each phase.
Medical Intuitive Assessment $80.00
Experience an alternative approach to your health and wellness. Medical intuitive assessments should never replace your licensed or certified health care provider. Medical intuitive assessments provide an assessment of your energy balance, energy and emotional blocks, and provides you with recommendations that you can use to help you. The intention of medical intuitive assessment reports is to assist with the process of overall understanding of human function and behavior using intuition as the assessment tool. You will receive a written assessment report via email.